Matrix converters


Matrix converters are AC-AC power converters, also known as direct converters. Their main characteristic is the ability to directly connect the input phases of the converter (usually a three-phase supply) to the output phases (usually the phases of a motor) through bidirectional power semiconductor switches. The direct connection enables the elimination of the DC link stage; in other words, there is no need of energy storage components such as capacitors or inductors. This allows an important volume reduction, and consequently an increase in power density. It s for this reason these converters have found acceptance in aerospace applications.


At Powerlab, research in this area has been pursued since its beginnings; several contributions have been made since then, mainly related to: advanced control and modulation methods, sensorless control of matrix-converter-fed AC-machine drives, current control with non-linear and unbalanced loads, and active filters, among others.


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